To the dedicated terrorist there are no people in the western world, only positions. In his mind people act out their positions. Positions have to be destroyed in people’s minds for the real person, the individual, to be reached. So the terrorist shows no mercy, no compassion of the kind that conventional people in conventional positions relate to.

The terrorists’ motivations cannot be comprehended by the conventional mind or western attitudes because they operate at a subconscious level; they represent a new psychological phenomenon rising out of the unconscious in man. It’s only purpose is to destroy the certainty of the westernised mind.

~ Barry Long writing in 1983 predicted the rise of global terrorism as a reaction to western materialism. He saw ‘paranational terrorism’ as a new expression of human power, which would utilise suicidal fighters, get mixed up with nationalistic and religious struggles on every continent and contribute to the end of the current civilisation.

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