From my secret hideout north of Barcelona I create sonic and visual content to charm your senses. Stratospheric Analogue Juice: a direct injection of energy into your heart.Guy James at a keyboard

A big YES to the good dreams, the juiciness, the lovers, the infinity, the luxury, the magick, the why-not squad, the opportunists, the genii, the includers, the friends, the laughing, the Impossible.

An antidote to the fakes, the naysayers, the X-Factory, the pain bodies, the churnalists, the fuck-you crew, the liars, the seriousness, the media whores.

Influences (among others): Neil Young, Zero 7, Gong, Tim Buckley, Beth Orton, Francoise Hardy, The Engineers, Yes, Genesis, The Earlies, Serge Gainsbourg, Roy Harper, Parsley Sound, Sigur Rós, Kings of Convenience, Boards of Canada, Espers, The Incredible String Band, Egg, Caetano Veloso, The Stooges, Julian Cope, Funkadelic, Alice Coltrane, Joanna Newsom, Gal Costa, Amorphous Androgynous, Miles, Mwandishi, Sly Stone, Bach, Debussy, Arvo Part, Orson Welles, Tarkovsky, Bergman, Lukas Moodysson, David Lynch, Robert Crumb, Moebius, Orwell, Kafka, Nietszche, Douglas Rushkoff, Monty Python, Bosch, Dadd, Klimt, Rosetti, Chagall, Van Gogh, Terence McKenna, Ivan Illich, Alan Watts, Michel Bauwens, Eckhart Tolle, Barry Long, everyone I’ve ever met….et caetera…

I am also blogging for the P2P Foundation and working on the innovative new global cooperative Fair.coop.